The Whole Heart


They say only time can mend a broken heart but what if you can’t wait?

She had passed Harry’s Repair Shop many times, but never had a reason to go in – no old clock or broken radio.

The little girl had never owned anything needing repair and the store had always seemed such an odd little place.

Beautifully illustrated, hard cover picture book.

  • Beautifully written & illustrated

  • Thoughtful gift for someone special in your life

  • A moving story with meaning

About the Author

Jacqueline Henry is a Brisbane based writer and journalist who is inspired by her love of books, photography and storytelling.

The Whole Heart is Jacqueline’s first book.


What a fabulous and important book that makes sense of tricky times! I highly recommend this one for school libraries, home use and counselling. A must for help with anyone losing a loved one, or breaking up with a partner. I stress this is not just for kids – adults in my life have found this really helpful for their own personal journey. Spread the word, everyone should have one in their household.



There are few beautiful books so tender and sensitive, which face grief head on and journey through a child’s grief and broken heart as Jacqueline Henry’s book The Whole Heart. The fragility of the varying hearts, the child’s emotions and the creative metaphors, gently journey the reader through the alternative heart options to offer hope and healing. As humans we all experience loss and grief. This book would be a brilliant resource for a child or adult in need of comfort and love.
Highly recommended.